Hi, and welcome to the University of Florida/IFAS photography archives.  This website is intended to serve as an archive from which you may view and/or download images from recent UF/IFAS events and publicity photo shoots.  You're welcome to navigate through the galleries to find the events you're looking for.  If you are a University of Florida/IFAS faculty, student and/or staff member and would like to download the high resolution files of any of the images on this site, then please email us at [email protected] and specifically indicate by date and title, the event or photo shoot you would like download access to.  We'll then reply with a gallery specific password that you may enter to obtain the images.  Please be sure to read the UF/IFAS Photography terms of use located here prior to publishing any images online or in print materials.  Please note, that this site is intended for access to all the images from a particular photo shoot and is not the same thing as the UF/IFAS Photography Database, which is linked to here.  The database is intended to be source of IFAS stock imagery that allows for the search and download of individual images that fit your search criteria.


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